Climbing Coaches

Welcome to Climbing Coaches, we are focus on developing quality climbing coaching for sport, trad and indoor climbing. If you want a career in climbing then Climbing Coaches can help you on your pathway to success. We also want to recognise those climbing coaches who have demonstrated the skills we see as essential for coaching climbing, by offering them the opportunity to join our organisation.

In order to help reach our aim of developing better coaches we are going to offer eLearning courses in the core components of coaching climbing, which when combined with the current NGB awards like the Climbing Wall Award, Single Pitch Award and Mountain Instructor Award would set you up for career in coaching rock climbing. These course will hopefully be recognised by the existing professional and industry bodies as Continuing Professional Development. We also aim to offer an accreditation scheme for anyone who completes the course.

What is different from the existing awards?

Well the current NGB qualification systems offer very good terrain specific awards. Whereby the holders are signed off to manage a group indoors, at a single pitch crag or any multi pitched setting. Our accreditation systems offers further learning,  where you can develop at your own pace.

We focus specifically on the four skills areas that we call

  • People skills – Decision Making,  Behavioural Traits, Group Behaviours, Managing Conflict.
  • Teaching skills – Pedagogy, Effective Practice, Questions, Feedback, Goal Setting.
  • Safety skills – Risk Management, Legal and Moral issues, Incident Avoidance, rescue skills.
  • TTPP Skills  – (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological) – Climbing Movement, Training, Tactics, Performing under pressure.