Mentoring for Climbing Coaches

In conjunction with Snowdonia Mountain Guides owner and head coach, climbing coaches are offering Mentoring for Climbing Coaches for anyone who is on their journey to becoming a rock climbing coach. We hope that with our help you can fast track your way to becoming a highly effective climbing coach.

Who is this Mentoring for?

We offer to mentor people through any of the UK rock climbing and climbing coaching awards. These include – CWA (Climbing Wall Award and Leading element) SPA (Single Pitch Award), Rock Climbing Instructor, MIA, all MT Coaching Awards

What We Offer

  • Full Analysis of your needs
  • A Full written long-term plan to help reach your goal.
  • Monthly Meet Up
  • Chances for Observation of experienced Climbing Coaches in practice.
  • Chances for working with mock students
  • Chances for supervised experience
  • Potential for paid work towards the end of the process

The Process and Costs

We would love to offer this to people for free, however, we feel we offer a service worth paying for in the long-term. In that, we can not only help you pass the awards quickly but also help develop many additional skills beyond the remit of the awards that will help you when it comes to your working life.

  1. Email/Phone contact – to see that we are both happy we can offer you what you want – FREE
  2. Needs Assessment Day – A day rock climbing or mountaineering during which we will observe your own climbing skills and offer some coaching. We will also sit down with you and do a thorough profile or your performance with regards to your aim. On top of this, we will design a comprehensive written plan and feedback on the day. – £150
  3. On-Going Phone and Email Support – We will stay in contact with you to help motivate and keep you on track for success. – FREE
  4. Online Learning – We aim to develop more eLearning courses for our mentees to use to develop there coaching, like our existing reflective practice course -FREE
  5. Monthly Meet-Up – We offer a monthly meet up for all our mentees to get together and climb with us and discuss amongst themselves and meet other people going through the same process. – FREE
  6. Opportunity for Further Training – We offer several additional day and evening courses on a whole manner of climbing coaching skills – Coaching Processes, What and When to teach, decision making in extreme places, rope rescue, managing clients in difficult terrain, know the crags…. – Cost is dependent on the ratio and when the training takes place.
  7. Observation – Observe our coaches in action – FREE
  8. Mock Student Work – Work with mock students and have you coaching analyzed ready for your assessment – £150
  9. Supervised Experience – This will be work under our head coach Mark Reeves, this will only be with a select few mentees who show a real aptitude for both climbing and coaching, and have attended monthly meet up so that they will have built up real trust in one another. – FREE – potentially this may lead to paid work.

Why choose us for your climbing coaching development

We love to develop our students whether that be individual climbers on our climbing courses right through to developing the next generation of climbing coaches.

We also have a long experience of working on both UK qualifications and awards courses, as well as working with an American Company developing rock climbing guides and coaches across the world. As such we develop both the nuts and bolts of rock climbing coaching, often seen as the hard skills. As well as this we also look at the softer skills of how you think about coaching, how you interact with clients and the environment through decision making.

Our Mentor Mark Reeves has 20 years experience of coaching climbing at all levels of the sport. He also has an MSc in Applied Sports Science, which looked at Effective Coaching, Sports Psychology and Performance Physiology. As such we have a full gambit of experience and high-level knowledge to help develop you as rock climbing instructors, coaches and guides.

We also offer Part-time Fast Track Instructor Schemes for Rock Climbing Instructors and Coaches.