Become a Member

Climbing Coaches is an organisation aimed at promoting its members coaching activity. In order to be a member you need to register on the site and be approved. The approval requires you supplying Climbing Coaches with the following information:

  1. Valid Qualifications (Both Terrain and Coaching). e.g. an MIA/SPA and a Coaching Award.
  2. Valid Liability Insurance.

This can be done by emailing the appropriate certificates or through supplying a valid link to you Mountain Training Profile. When we confirm that these are  valid we will activate you account.

We look forward to working with you to develop climbing coaches into a meaningful organisation for those of us who are actively involved in Coaching Climbing.

Our aim at Climbing Coaches is to fulfil the follow missions.

  1. Promote Excellence in Climbing Coaching.
  2. Help the public identify and engage with excellent coaches.
  3. Promote safety and good sustainable practice in climbing coaches.
  4. Provide professional development for climbing coaches.