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Introduction to Reflective Practice

Part of the backbone of the short and long courses climbing coaches offers is reflecting on your learning. As such we have set the reflective practice short course as a pre-requisite to all of our courses. It is also free so you can see what you are in for with the other courses we are developing.

Like all our courses there are elements of learning, application and assessment. We try and do this through a variety of mediums. Learning is through videos, diagrams and written content. We then try and get you to show you have understood the basic concepts and terms through online assessments. We then encourage you to put these  new skills into practice, by applying them to your coaching, again showing you have done so by sharing your reflections with us in the form of written feedback.

This will be a common thread throughout the courses, in that we want you to prove you have taken onboard the lessons by demonstrating you are applying them to your practice.


Instructor:  Mark Reeves
6th March 2017